Our shows are hand-crafted to fit your group’s personality. Even if some of them don’t have one.

“The comedy was so very clever and smart – it really captured ‘an insider point of view’ so the content would be very relevant for our team members.”

Let us build funny sketches about your business, your industry, even that guy in accounting who wears a Hawaiian shirt every Friday.

“Thank you—the show was so much fun!  The content was fantastic and totally on point :)”

It’s doesn’t have to be work-related, either. We can tailor material for happy hours, birthday parties, or any other get-together when you want to get together.

“[They] filled the hour with various comedic scenarios, pulled in details specific to our Club, jokes only our members would understand, and even “appeared” on the grounds of Manor [Country Club]! “

Um, I don’t have anything else to say, so here’s another testimonial:

“The team’s ability to tailor and embed stories, pictures, videos from MSI while staying true to the company’s culture was impeccable.”