“The virtual show was a smash!”

We hired Robert and his humor-filled colleagues to perform a live, custom, 1-hour virtual comedy sketch for our Members . . . The virtual show was a smash!

From the comfort of home, our members streamed the program while enjoying a bottle of wine. A few of the viewers volunteered to leave their microphones on as a live laugh track, and how many laughs there were!

Kudos to Robert and his team for seamlessly navigating this virtual experience! Thank you!

Barbara Eisele
Director of Catering
Manor Country Club

“funny as hell”

First of all, Robert Mac is funny as hell. Period. Secondly, he uses comedy to help feed the hungry and fight climate change. Before the pandemic, Mac’s standup comedy event helped my nonprofit raise cash for clean energy solutions to global warming.

Then, after the pandemic, Robert and his team helped organize a zoom comedy event that drew 200 people and helped us raise nearly $3,000 for the Capital Area Food Bank. Robert Mac is a class act.

Mike Tidwell
Executive Director
Climate Action Network